The weather might be warm, but you’ll get the chills as you take part in Cañon City’s unique, historical ghost walk. Offered through the Museum of Colorado Prisons, this tour takes place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Cañon City’s downtown area is listed on the National Historic Register because it still has much of its original 1900s architecture. In fact, Cañon City boasts the largest historic commercial district in Colorado. With so many historic buildings, it’s only logical to assume there are just as many ghost stories to go with them. Get a healthy dose of these stories by partaking in the Museum of Colorado Prisons’ Historic Ghost Walk.

This hour-long tour will delight (or scare) you as guides dressed in period costumes recall grisly lynchings, haunted hotels, and the lives of some of the city’s founding fathers. Enjoy first-hand accounts of ghost sightings as you wind your way through the streets and alleys of downtown Cañon City.

Notable haunted buildings include the St. Cloud Hotel, which makes the list as one of the top 10 most haunted places in Colorado. In this historical building, rumors about ghosts playing in the hallway, pranking guests, and stacking chairs in empty rooms swirl. Another notable, haunted building is the Museum of Colorado Prisons itself. Here, lingering spirits, cold spots, phantom tobacco smells, and a cell haunted by a female prisoner who passed away there are repeatedly reported.

For more information on Cañon City’s Historic Ghost Walk, contact the Museum of Colorado Prisons.