How does it work?

To help provide your business with additional funds during this challenging time, we’ve created an online auction and storefront for you to sell products, services, and gift cards.

Bidding will be enabled once the auction goes live on 4/20 at 8am. Bidding ends at 6pm on 4/24.

Like eBay, you can either sell your item at a Buy Now Price or as an auction.

Simply visit our Add Items page and fill out the form with the item you want to sell and we’ll get it added to the auction. Once the auction is complete, we will send you payment via PayPal or check if needed. You’re responsible for coordinating pickup, delivery, and shipping with the buyer.

Add your Items to the Royal Gorgeous Deals auction.

How will I get paid?

The quickest way for us to get your money to you is an electronic PayPal transfer. If you don’t have a PayPal account, we recommend creating one. It’s easy and free to use.

Alternatively, we can mail you a check. Please note that this will take significantly longer to process.

Are there any fees?

100% of proceeds will be given back to the businesses that participate minus a 6.5% processing fee from the auction website.  Please account for this when pricing your item.

What’s the difference between Buy Now and Bidding? Can my item have both?

For each auction item, you have three options: standard bidding, direct purchase at a Buy Now price, or both. When you choose both, the Buy Now option will be available on the item until bidding reaches or exceeds the Buy Now price.

What options are available for an auction item with a quantity of more than one?

For purchasing an item with a quantity higher than one, you’ll provide a Buy Now price and the total quantity available. Bidding is not allowed on items with a quantity available. Please note, all sales are final.

Who pays for shipping and sends items to recipients?

The business is responsible for all pickup, delivery, and shipping of items to recipients.

How will I know who buys my item?

We will send you that information along with your payment

What about sales tax?

Product pricing should include applicable sales tax