If you’ve read through some of the Epic Adventures posts on this site, you most likely came across FAR, a local organization devoted to increasing and improving HUMAN-POWERED outdoor recreational opportunities in the Royal Gorge Region.

FAR formed in 2010 when three friends decided to combine their interested and talents. Between them, they had a shared passion for outdoor recreation and a plethora of other talents, such as race directing, internet communication, coaching, and event organization.

After receiving their first sponsor and assisting with the running of the new Run Blossom races, money started coming in little by little. Soon, FAR welcomed new board members and added events to their calendar.

As outdoor recreation continued to grow in the Royal Gorge Region, FAR gradually recognized a need for quality trail systems in addition to events. Partnering with the BLM, Recreation District, and the City of Cañon City, FAR worked to raise funds to identify, design, and develop additional trails in the area.

It was the introduction of the ‘1% for Trails’ initiative in 2015, however, which helped to launch FAR into the business of building significant, extensive, world-class trail systems.

Today, the Hogbacks, the Royal Gorge Trail System, South Cañon Trails, and additional work in Oil Well Flats bear the mark of these efforts.

Learn more about FAR at www.JoinFar.org.


Help Fremont Adventure Recreation (FAR) keep the Royal Gorge Region fun! Leave No Trace and Care for Colorado, FAR does!!