Disc golf is fun, casual, and often available in beautiful locations. It’s also a great activity to do with friends of all abilities. It’s for these reason that this up and coming sport has people hooked. Try a round yourself and it will be easy to see why disc golf has been named the fastest growing sport in America.

Unlike traditional golf, disc golf requires little investment and has low environmental impact. Yet, similar to traditional golf, it is challenging, provides comradery, and takes you outside where fresh air and sunshine do a body good.

Much like traditional golf, discs are thrown from a tee and across a fairway to a hole, which is a suspended metal basket. The player with the fewest strokes (or throws) wins.

It’s no surprise that in Colorado—with its outdoor mentality and sporty residents—disc golf is especially popular. With the state’s amazing views and stellar weather, disc golf can sometimes feel like a great adventure.

Visiting the Royal Gorge Region and want to play a round? In Fremont County, there are two disc golf courses, both of which are located in Cañon City.

George Hills Disc Golf Course

Built in 2009, this nine-hole course is described as quirky and challenging with good variety. It has wide open fields, woods, historic prison terraces, and cactus strewn hills.

Harrison School Disc Golf Course

Also built in 2009, this nine-hole course is mostly flat and wooded and located on the school’s grounds.


Care for Colorado and Leave No Trace when you go disc golfing in the Royal Gorge Region!