There’s a lot to see in Cañon City—sweeping vistas, dinosaur tracks, historic buildings. Covering them all on foot is, well… it’s just impossible. Another option is to hop in and out of your car, which can involve navigating traffic or finding an available parking spot, and that’s not a whole lot of fun either.

The solution? Book a Segway tour for a unique and exciting experience that shows off Cañon City’s most popular destinations.

These tours travel up 800 feet along the top of a mountain ridge to explore dinosaur tracks made over 100 million years ago, cross the highest single span suspension bridge in North American, travel through Canon City’s charming downtown, or visit historical sites like the Robison Mansion, built in 1874 and visited by many governors and senators of the time, and the old stone jailhouse built in 1905.

You’ve probably seen Segway tours before and thought, how would I ever be able to do that? The good news is that riding a Segway is a lot easier than you may think. After a few minutes of zipping around on a Segway, most everyone gets the hang of it. Before each Segway tour, you’ll get proper Segway training, nor will a tour start until you feel comfortable. The neat thing about Segways is how they connect to your nervous system, making riding them natural and intuitive.

Check out our list of Segway tour companies and book your tour today. Before you know it, you’ll be part of that group of people cruising around with grins from ear to ear.


Care for Colorado and Leave No Trace when gliding around the Royal Gorge Region on your Segway!