To the naked eye, Florence is just a small town. But for those in the know, it is a town rich in history and on the path to a dynamic future.

Florence experienced its first wave of growth in 1881 thanks to an oil boom. When the industry slowed down in the 1930s and 1940s, much of the city’s population moved away, leaving behind dozens of historic buildings that would go untouched for decades.

Today, low rents on these historic buildings have attracted a growing number of antique dealers who have helped the city garner the title, “Antique Capital of Colorado.” With more than 20 antique stores—and growing—Florence boasts the highest number of antique stores per capita in the state. It may be safe to assume that after decades of a stagnant economy, Florence has finally found its niche.

Take a leisurely stroll down Main Street and step into any one of the many antique stores, each of which claims its own specialty. No two stores are alike, and no two have the same merchandise. You might run into antique dealers from Denver, Colorado Springs, Texas, Oklahoma, or other parts of the west. Like them, you’re sure to find interesting treasures around every turn.

  1. Willie’s Antiques & Collectibles Inc.
    111 Church Ave, Florence |   719-784-2336
  2. Blue Spruce Art & Antiques
    205 W Main St, Florence |   719-784-1339
  3. Good Stuff Antiques
    131-B W Main St, Florence |   719-784-2499
  4. Legends and Lace Antiques
    131 W Main St #A, Florence |   719-784-2274
  5. The Mezzanine Antiques and Collectibles
    127 W Main St, Florence |   719-784-4598
  6. The Loralie Antique Mall
    109 W Main St, Florence |   719-784-3797
  7. Florence Flower Shop and Antiques
    105 West Main St, Florence |   719-784-3774
  8. 103 Vintage Market
    103 West Main St, Florence |   719-784-7303
  9. Home Again Antiques
    103 W Main St, Florence |   719-338-1628
  10. Spirit Riders Western Emporium
    115 E Main St, Florence |   719-784-2231
  11. Antique Warehouse
    110 E Main St, Florence |   719-372-1016
  12. Heartland Classic Antiques
    225 E Main St, Florence |   719-784-7315
  13. Chili’s Chattel
    201 E Main St Suite A, Florence |   719-784-7424
    Florence Consignment Corner
    118 W Main St, Florence |   719-784-7660
  14. Heartland Antiques
    122 W Main St, Florence |   719-784-0777
  15. Salvage Antiques Vintage, Etc.
    208 W Main St, Florence |   719-821-3263
  16. B & B Pawn & Antiques
    727 E Main St, Florence |   719-784-7070