Cañon City Music and Blossom Festival

Cañon City and its surrounding areas are not shy about showing their unbridled exuberance for everything their region offers. And what better way to display this pride than through festivals and fairs?

The annual Music and Blossom Festival is the truest example of such an event. Its purpose is to celebrate the arrival of the Royal Gorge Region’s growing season, a tradition that goes back centuries in societies throughout the world.

In Cañon City, the first recorded mention of the Blossom Festival was in an 1860’s Canon City Times article, where it was referred to as “Fruit Day.” The term “Blossom” wasn’t used until 1908 when wealthy resident, Dall DeWeese, hosted his own backyard blossom party for several dozen friends. As the popularity of his party grew, the event was taken over by a town-run organization, which officially named it Blossom Festival. Years later, with the addition of marching bands and stage bangs, the festival would be renamed again to the Music and Blossom Festival.

Today, the start of growing season and the blossoming that occurs throughout the region are celebrated with a full week of activities that include a craft fair, kids zone, blossom pageant, and chocolate walk. The week culminates with an exciting weekend that consists of a parade, a carnival, a rodeo, a band competition, and more.

Kick off your warm weather season by visiting the Royal Gorge Region, where sunny skies, bright blossoms, and loads of fun await.

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