The Hogbacks is Cañon City’s in-town geologic wonder! Your experience here will treat you to the beautiful Dakota Ridge Hogback Formation. Within all of the layers of the Dakota Hogback formation lie significant fossil resources, including a record of Colorado’s past as an inland sea! *The singletrack trails in the Hogbacks are composed of clay soils; please stay off when wet. (Not only will the wet clay stick to your boots and bike tires, but your tracks will ruin the trails!) Enjoy the crusher fine trails, Greenhorn and Old Skyline Drive, during and after precipitation events.

Hogbacks Trail Guide

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Less than two miles one-way, this wider crusher-fine trail connects with others in the area to broaden your experience. It’s family-friendly, and great for beginner trail enthusiasts.

Old Skyline Drive
Also a wide crusher fine trail, historic Old Skyline Drive connects low and high points in the open space.

A fun beginner’s trail, Graneros is flowy as it winds along the flank of the Dakota Ridge formation in the Hogbacks. With few technical aspects, it’s sure to delight trail enthusiasts of all ages.

Dakota Ridge
Definitely for the more advanced cyclist and hiker, this trail travels through junipers and piñons atop the crest of the Dakota Ridge formation. On the north end, the trail descends from the ridge on very steep bedrock. ***Bikers: Please be aware of this steep and very difficult descent. Know your abilities, and portage as necessary.