Pink House to Raynolds River Run

Ready for a fun family river adventure?! This stretch of river is mostly Class II waters, with a couple of Class III moves near the beginning of your run. If you’re more of a novice skill-wise, or tubing this section of the river, we recommend you put it in at the boat ramps at Centennial Park or River Front Park. These put-ins allow for you to miss the Boat Chute, as well as the Oil Creek Ditch intake, where rocky (and often dangerous) river-wide adjustments are made each year by the ditch company.

Pink House (AHRA fee site)

Park your car and get on the river.

Boat Chute

Head river-left to the boat chute to avoid the nasty low-head dam. Signs will warn you. Take caution with high water: big waves!

Oil Creek Ditch Diversion

Lines change yearly with this rapid and is particularly difficult to find a line at water levels below 2,000 CFS. Unsuspecting boaters might be pushed into the right bank at the bottom of the rapid, so be ready to get left.

First Street Bridge

Give yourself plenty of room to stay away from the bridge pier in the middle of the river.

Centennial Park Boat Ramp

Option to take out or put in the river here (river-right).

Centennial Park Wave

Watch for a nice play wave. Can be big at higher flows. Timid boaters can try to sneak the wave just right of center. River Front Park: Another boat ramp option to put in or take out (river-left).

Black Bridge

A second play wave is located just upstream of Black Bridge. Once again, please give yourself plenty of room to navigate around the bridge pier.

9th Street Wave Train

Located river-right, just follow the fun waves!

A Nice Float

For the remainder of the trip. Watch for wood in the river, since high waters will often snag large cottonwood logs.

Raynolds Bridge and Take-Out

The river braids into two channels near the bridge. As of early 2017, the right channel seems to be the best general option for most boaters at most water levels. Be sure to give yourself plenty of room near the bridge piers! *Be aware that the take-out comes fast immediately after the bridge on river-right

Pink House to Raynolds is awesome for the whole family.  Learn to Raft, and Care for Colorado and Leave No Trace!