The Bell Tower Cultural Center

In the summer of 2013, the Florence Arts Council received the former First Baptist Church as a gift by church members to be used as a center of learning for the community.

Built in 1898, the church still has retained is stained-glass windows, oak pews, and a small stage area, making it a beautiful location for classes, lectures, events, and more. The performance hall is an especially popular gathering space for such events as it can hold up to 100 people and is quite a beautiful space to be in.

Concerts are held throughout the year at the Bell Tower Cultural Center, as are a variety of classes, such as pottery, tai chi, and stained glass. There’s even yoga! Classroom space and private artisan studios take up space on the second floor. The third floor is currently being renovated for use as a clay area.  The Florence Chamber of Commerce and Connections, an outreach program for both high school student mentoring and community projects are housed here too.

The Bell Tower Cultural Center hosts summer camps for children in art and theater, as well as presentations on history, art, and more.  It is also the perfect venue for all sorts of events and is available for rent.

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