Top Five Romantic Things to do in the Royal Gorge Region

This Valentine’s Day, steal your sweetie away to the Royal Gorge Region, where you can indulge in the following romantic gestures.

Walk Tunnel Drive

Tunnel Drive, a 2-mile section of Cañon City’s Riverwalk trail, allows you to catch some inspiring views of the Arkansas River. You’ll also encounter three historic tunnels on your walk or ride. One tunnel is over 400 feet in length, making it a perfect place to steal a kiss or whisper sweet nothings.

Watch the Sunset from Skyline Drive

Take a drive up Cañon City’s famed Skyline Drive and watch the sky turn from bluebird blue to hazy pink as the city’s lights turn on. From the top, you’ll see the Arkansas River Valley and Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs. Keep your eyes on the road (not each other) as you descend the geologic ridge. From here, drive into town for dinner or continue a few extra miles to a cabin getaway.

Browse Colorado’s Antique Capital

Head into Florence, Colorado’s Antique Capital, and spend the afternoon searching for treasures together. You may find something reminiscent of your family’s history or something special to display in your home.

Spend the Night in a Luxurious Cabin Getaway

Watch the sun go down over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains as you and your sweetheart watch from the cozy comfort of a luxury cabin. At Royal Gorge Cabins, you’ll experience the rustic elegance of the region. Turn on the fireplace and snuggle under a blanket as you sip wine. Enjoy the quiet of rural Royal Gorge country. Relax in spa-style showers, spend a few extra minutes in plush beds, and enjoy the solitude of your own private patio in the morning.

Experience Point Sublime at the Royal Gorge

Fill your heart with wonder as you visit the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park’s uppermost scenic viewpoint – Point Sublime. Follow the walkway past the Skycoaster (if you think shared adrenaline-fueled experiences bring people together, by all means, give it a go) and head toward the historic stone pavilion. You’ll catch views of the Royal Gorge Bridge, the river below, and miles of mountains in the distance. Catch a selfie at 1,000 feet!

The Royal Gorge Region’s quiet location allows for you to enjoy quality time with your significant other. Take in the sights, find time to re-connect, and simply enjoy the beauty around you. With views like these, we’ll bet you’ll be holding hands as you hold onto the memories.