Fat Biking in Cañon City

When the occasional snowfalls in Cañon City, hang up your regular mountain bike and grab (or rent) a fat bike.

Fat bikes, designed specifically for winter use, are basically mountain bikes with large rims and tires. Tubes on these bikes can be inflated to a low pressure, allowing smooth riding over a variety of terrain. While fat bikes have revolutionized winter riding through snow, they’re also ideal for sand, boggy areas, and basically any other rough terrain—such as Cañon City’s rockier trails.

Most people do not ride when it is cold because, well, it’s cold. Fat bikes offer a unique experience and allow you to explore familiar trails in a new light.

Some great fat biking trails in Cañon City include:

Section 13

Section 13 is a moderate singletrack trail for novice and intermediate riders through the junipers and pinons at the base of the Wet Mountains. LAMBA Chops takes you through the lower loop, touring more open terrain, while the section called Hotshots offers a slightly more technical and steep experience through denser trees. It’s about six miles total roundtrip with an elevation gain of 700 feet to the top of Hotshots. Section 13 is great because it’s close to town with great views of Canon City and Pikes Peak as you ride alongside deer, wild turkey, and other native wildlife.

Oil Well Flats

Oil Well Flats is a collection of moderate singletrack trails for the intermediate rider. This trail takes the rider through junipers, pinons, and open areas caused by a 1988 fire. Several dirt roads run through the area and connect sections of singletrack trail. It’s about seven miles roundtrip on the newer singletrack. The Oil Well Flats trails are close to Canon City with great views of the city and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the southwest.

South Cañon Trail System 

Opened in the spring of 2017, the South Cañon Trail System adds ten miles of singletrack to Cañon City’s growing trail system. The South Cañon Trail System connects to the Section 13 trails and offers something for everyone. Discover flowy, easier trails close to town or try to master the technical climb of Hard Time. Since the Eagle Wing Trailhead isn’t very large, we recommend cyclists riding from town park at/near Centennial Park.

Before riding trails, please check trail conditions at www.joinFAR.org/trails. Please observe right-of-way etiquette and yield to hikers and equestrian riders. Help keep the Royal Gorge Region trails beautiful by observing all stewardship principles, including packing out any waste or trash, staying on the trail, and avoiding all wildlife. Give back to local trails by visiting local businesses who participate in the ‘1% for Trails’ program – see https://www.joinfar.org/1-for-trails.html for more information.


Now matter where you go on your Fat Bike in the Royal Gorge Region, please Care for Colorado and Leave No Trace.